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If our B2 Cars quicken your pulse, we know exactly how you feel! After all, we are a team of fellow gearheads and horse power junkies, with racing in our blood.

George Bryce, B2 Hemi Muscle Cars

Owner: Bryce Customs
Crew Chief: KK Racing/Angelle
Co-Owner: G2 Motorsports
Co-Owner: Star Racing
Designer: B2 Cars

In 1979, George and Jackie Bryce started Star Racing forging a combination of passion for drag racing with business acumen. The new business fl ourished into a premier motorcycle racing R&D facility, state of the art engine building machine shop and dyno facility, and highly successful mail-order parts business. During this time Bryce became one of the most accomplished NHRA Pro Stock motorcycle champions winning 6 NHRA World Championships, 81 event wins and 141 final rounds with 9 different riders as head tuner and team coach. Along with his racing successes, Bryce has been an award winning Hot Rod car and bike builder for 30 years. Bryce currently co-founder of G2 Motorsports/S&S Buell Pro Stock Racing Team and B2 Cars, also teaches Pro Stock Motorcycle Racing at the acclaimed Frank Hawley Drag Racing School in Florida. George lives in Americus, Georgia with his wife Jackie and daughter Julie.

George Bryce, B2 Hemi Muscle Cars

Owner: Ray Barton Racing Engine, Inc.
Builder: B2 Cars

For over 38 years Ray Barton has been producing record setting engines for people all around the world. Although he has built many types of engines his specialty has been the Hemi ™. Ray works closely with leading manufacturers including Mopar Performance on cutting edge technology and materials to include research and development of parts that enhances performance with unsurpassed quality and design. Today, Ray Barton Racing Engines (RBRE) specializes in all levels of engine preparation, whether it's a daily driver, factory restoration, or the hardest of hard-core race engines as well as full chassis design, metal fabrication, custom car building, and engine dyno testing. All work is done in-house using state of the art equipment and techniques with seasoned artisans.

David Barton, B2 Hemi Muscle Cars

Project Manager: Ray Barton Racing Engines Inc
Driver and Crew Chief: Barton/Carp/Mahan Racing Team
Project Manager and Builder: B2 Cars

Over the last 14 years David Barton, a second generation racer and son of legendary Hemi guru Ray Barton, has established an impressive NHRA record as a driver and a crew member. In 2000, David was the youngest driver to win the Indy Hemi Challenge at 20 years old. He has set NHRA records in SS/AA, SS/BA, and AA/SA classes and has numerous class and divisional wins. He currently works a double shift at the track by competing in Stock and Super Stock for car owners Al Carp and Roger Mahan. David has also participated in the popular TV series Overhaulin’ at the SEMA show in 2006 and more recently on Chop Cut Rebuild, to create a special order 528" Blown Crate Hemi for Chrysler. Since childhood, he has had a passion for Drag Racing and continuously challenges himself to learn all aspects of the performance industry both modern and traditional.

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